Whether you’re renovating the basement or kitchen, putting an addition on the house, upgrading your home’s exterior or building a new home from the ground up recessed lighting adds enhanced functionality and style to your project. Potlights, as they’re commonly referred to, offer a discreet way to highlight interesting components of a space while saving you energy and enhancing your interior design possibilities. At Home Electric are experts at recessed lighting design and installation and have helped scores of Scarborough homeowners enhance the beauty and value of their homes with potlights.

The Right Scarborough Electrician to Install Your Potlights

There are any number of reasons that explain the popularity of potlights. Here are just a few:

  • They’re undeniably modern – Potlights are the quintessential contemporary lighting effect. Not just because they’re present in so many homes these days, but because they provide a slew of lighting possibilities that simply didn’t exist 100, 200 or 1,000 years ago.
  • They virtually never look “wrong” – While you have to be careful that a new table lamp or chandelier doesn’t upset your interior design scheme potlights almost never present such a conundrum. They’ll adapt easily to any interior whether colonial or contemporary and never look out of place.
  • They help you save money – Today’s potlights are available with ultra-long lasting, incredibly energy efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs will typically last 20 years or more. Think about that for a second. The LED potlight bulbs you install when your child is a baby will still be in service when that child enters university. Not only that but LED bulbs use only a tiny fraction of the energy used by standard incandescent or spot lights.
  • They make your space look bigger – If you want to make a room seem larger than it is have a licensed electrician install potlights to bathe a wall in light. When the rest of the lights in the room are low the space will seem much larger than it actually is.

At Home Electric have many years of combined experience installing recessed lighting in homes all across the GTA. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your remodelling project is a resounding success hire the one electrical contractor in Scarborough trusted by more homeowners than any other: At Home Electric. Our work is always first-class and our pricing is some of the most competitive you’ll find anywhere. That’s At Home Electric: your Scarborough potlight experts.