The electrical panel on your home or business receives electricity from the grid and disperses it to the various parts of the property that use electricity – house, office, garage, landscape lighting, swimming pool, parking lot etc. So having the right panel is crucial for the smooth operation of the various components of your home or business. If you plan to renovate or add electrical functionality making sure you hire an electrical contractor to upgrade the panel is key to ensuring you’re not plagued by blown circuits and the risk of fires. To upgrade the electrical panel on your Scarborough property make sure you engage the services of At Home Electric.

The Right Electrical Contractor to Upgrade Your Panel

Damaged, old or inadequate electrical panels pose a risk to your property and anyone who lives, works or visits. It’s of vital importance to the safety and well-being of everyone that the electrical panels are in prime condition and that they have adequate output allowances. In addition, if you have an old panel it likely relies on fuses and that can create a whole host of additional problems starting with frequent power outages and extending all the way to having trouble obtaining insurance for your home or business. Here are some other reasons to have At Home Electric upgrade your panel:

  • Eliminate the risk of shocks – Any electrician can tell you old panels that rely on fuses are at risk of generating shocks throughout the property if pushed beyond capacity.
  • Ensure smooth operation of your business – If you have an old panel or have recently added more electrical devices but haven’t upgraded the panel you’re asking for a blown panel and all the disruptions and expenses that brings with it.
  • Bring your home or business up to code – Your electrical panel may in fact be in violation of new building codes in which case you’ll be legally compelled to upgrade. Such building codes are designed to protect people from the adverse side effects of inaction so you shouldn’t take offense if city hall is dictating an upgrade.

Electrical Panel Upgrades Scarborough

Upgrading the electrical panel in your home or business is something that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the digital age with none of the risks posed by old, outdated or overworked panels. Contact At Home Electric today and talk to a licensed electrician about the many quality-of-life benefits that come with the right electrical panel.