Finishing the basement produces one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement project. But it won’t live up to its value potential if the wiring is slipshod or downright faulty. When planning your basement remodel it’s important that you engage the services of an electrical contractor with copious experience wiring basements of all shapes and sizes to serve all types of purposes. At Home Electric has been bringing basement remodelling dreams to life since 2010 and they’re always among our most satisfying projects.

Tap the True Potential of Your Basement by Hiring the Right Electrician

Transforming your basement from that dank, dark place no one goes to a vibrant aspect of your social life takes more than drywall, insulation and nice furniture. It takes wiring. Recessed and track lights, home entertainment devices, thermostats, dimmer switches, security cameras and more all need to work seamlessly with one another if the basement is to truly live up to its potential.

The Sky’s the Limit in the Basement

Few things present more tantalizing possibilities than renovating the basement. It’s the ultimate blank canvas right under your feet and doing it right can transform the way everyone – family, friends and guests included – experiences your home. Home gyms, entertainment centres, your own sports bar, sauna, man cave and more are all on the table and the one common denominator they share is that they’ll all need first class wiring to bring them to life.

The Advantages of Working with At Home Electric

  • Every licensed electrician we employ has roots in the Scarborough community.
  • We’re always nearby should you have a problem or question.
  • We’re fully versed in every type of custom home wiring from HVAC to telecoms.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our competitive pricing.

Whether you’d like a quotation for your basement remodelling project or would like to sit down for a consultation we’re just a phone call away. We can provide helpful tips that will help you choose a direction for your project, tell you where your plan works and where it might need some more work and make suggestions regarding what type of lighting you might want to consider and what smart home devices you might benefit from installing.

There’s only one electrical contractor in Scarborough with the expertise and experience to do justice to your basement remodelling aspirations: At Home Electric. Contact us today to find out more about our full range of electrical services.